We distinguish the following categories of customers:

Flexo printers and coaters

The flexo printers and coaters will be the largest client category.

Flexo printers frequently clean their anilox rolls and may like to verify that the roll is clean and has the correct volume by using the Capatch before and after cleaning. Not every cleaning system is capable of penetrating the fine line screens encountered on laser engraved anilox rollers. The printer needs to know how far the cleaning process has restored the cells to their original capacity after each cycle. The printer may also be interested to check the volumes on rolls that have been cleaned by third parties.


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Offset printers

Offset machines might have a (final) station with an Anilox, Tri-Helical or Gravure Full Coating Roll for laminating, coating or varnishing. It is difficult to determine whether the cells are polluted with transparent and invisible residues.

Printers with gravure rolls for full coating

The volume of gravure rolls for full coating can also be checked by the Capatch. It is not possible to use the Capatch for gravure rolls with an engraved design.

Some printers use Capatch more frequently. In chapter “product” you can read more about application frequency.


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Roll cleaners

A part of the cleaning of rollers is outsourced to specialized roll cleaning companies. These companies need to assess the quality and effectiveness of their service. These companies can demonstrate to their clients the results of their services by using the Capatch before and after cleaning the anilox roll.

Suppliers of inks, coatings and adhesives

These suppliers use the Capatch for troubleshooting. It is not always clear whether poor roll performance is the result of improper roll volumes or incorrect ink, coating or adhesive. The sales representatives spend a part of their time communicating with technical support for troubleshooting. These suppliers confirm that in several cases the problems turned out to be roll insufficiency when they are called to help a printer who assumed that the ink, coating or adhesive was faulty.

Printing press manufacturers and suppliers

Manufacturers use Capatch for troubleshooting.


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