Steinhart B.V.(inc.) of the Netherlands was founded in 1998 to develop and to market its first and only product: the Capatch.

Today in most printing countries Capatch can be sourced locally via committed Capatch resellers.
Quality, reliability, co-operation and loyalty are focal points for Steinhart B.V.

Steinhart B.V. is open for complementary products which create no conflict of interest with the product portfolio of its resellers to distribute these complementary products through its network of resellers.


Nassaulaan 27
6861 DA Oosterbeek
The Netherlands

T +31 26 339 1437
F +31 26 339 1719

Chamber of Commerce no.: 171.074.96
VAT no: NL8072.969.22B01

e-mail: info[at]steinhart[dot]nl